Monday 13 May 2013

Time in Fyra

On earth people believe that time in the universe is a linear thing that exists as a fourth dimension. No matter if this is right or not, in Fyra things are a bit different and in Fyra we know how time works. Time in Fyra is multidimensional and doesn't behave linear to time on earth. Although Fyra is a new world, Fyra is also many millions of years old and we can be in any Fyranian age we like at any time on earth. The creatures in Fyra experience the same sense of time as on earth. To them time also seems to be linear. Few of them have an idea of the many songs that enable their existence and give them present, past and future. On earth people know the songs (and we play them), they are the bridge between both worlds and through them all earthlings can travel to Fyra at any time.

To conclude one could say that Fyra has been created as well as Fyra is a product of evolution because Fyra has always been there even though it has been created only a few years ago. Fyra was waiting ever since to become a world and therefore Fyra never waited and was always full of life. If you understand this paradox than it is not so hard anymore to understand how new worlds arise from a void.

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