Friday 2 October 2015

Fyra is becoming even more collaborative.

I want to re-record Go! to Fyra for a last time. But this time it will be a collaborative project. If you want to play on the EP, you can apply here:
Or you can write me a message at

Friday 27 March 2015

New Website

Hey ho!

We have created a new landing page for the World of Fyra. How do you like it?

The World of Fyra

Another awesome artist died yesterday, R.I.P. John Renbourn.

He is the one with the electric guitar.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Finally news from Fyra

Hey ho!

I have no choice but to begin with sad news. Today one of the main non-musical influences of Fyra passed away: Terry Pratchett. So shortly after Leonard Nimoy whose role as Mr. Spock is also a very important influence.

This is a good opportunity to listen to Steeleye Span's album The Wintersmith which they made in collaboration with Terry Pratchett:

Now for some information about the status of Fyra. Those who have contributed to our campaign two years ago surely want to know what has happened to the project.
I have to admit that it took me so long to write about what happened during and after the campaign because I wanted to avoid being too negative. But this was and is almost impossible with what was going on. However, you who supported and will continue to support us have nothing to do with that negative things – you are awesome and you will always remain awesome!
So if any supporter really wants to know what happened, you can contact us privately and we will tell you everything you like.

It took so long for two main reasons:
1. Obviously we hadn't got even close to enough money with the campaign to pay for all the expenses we got making it. So the campaign was a loss for us.
2. I have started a relationship with my Lady Asphyx and had to move to Lorraine, France to live with her (there were good reasons for me to do that). The distance to Aachen, where the other musicians lived and probably still live is too far to continue playing with them. I can tell you that this made it a very very hard decision for me. I loved playing with those guys.
So, I had to start everything over again here without knowing anyone around here. And there were many other problems to solve first.

And now finally for the good news:
Fyra will continue! And I have already found one musician who is very passionate about what he does. That is great, I'm very excited about it (and he is too, I can tell). In spring we will get going and push the project forwards.
I will introduce you to the new musician soon. We have to work on some new PR material. Until then you can have a guess which instrument he plays.

Oh, and I promise I will write more frequently in the Fyranian Herald from now on.

~ Myrddin Triguel

Monday 13 May 2013

Time in Fyra

On earth people believe that time in the universe is a linear thing that exists as a fourth dimension. No matter if this is right or not, in Fyra things are a bit different and in Fyra we know how time works. Time in Fyra is multidimensional and doesn't behave linear to time on earth. Although Fyra is a new world, Fyra is also many millions of years old and we can be in any Fyranian age we like at any time on earth. The creatures in Fyra experience the same sense of time as on earth. To them time also seems to be linear. Few of them have an idea of the many songs that enable their existence and give them present, past and future. On earth people know the songs (and we play them), they are the bridge between both worlds and through them all earthlings can travel to Fyra at any time.

To conclude one could say that Fyra has been created as well as Fyra is a product of evolution because Fyra has always been there even though it has been created only a few years ago. Fyra was waiting ever since to become a world and therefore Fyra never waited and was always full of life. If you understand this paradox than it is not so hard anymore to understand how new worlds arise from a void.

As we are talking of time, don’t you think it is time to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign?

Thursday 9 May 2013

Promotion competition

Two weeks left to go with our campaign. Time to start something special!

We want to engage you in promoting the campaign, so we prepared a promotion competition where you can get some really cool stuff in reward for your help.

We decided to create a system where you can earn some points for different actions and can trade these points for perks. This makes sure that every successful action is valued.

We need to get as many people as possible on our campaign and we need them to contribute. Pretty obvious, right? So you should first register on Indiegogo (you can do that very easily using your Facebook account if you got one). When you are logged in and visit our campaign, you get a special link which you should share. When you use this link, we can see how many people you have brought to the campaign and how much money they spent.

This is what you get for your actions:

Every 10 visitors on our campaign = 1 point
Every Euro one of your visitors spent = 1 point
Getting the campaign in any smaller media (up to 9.999 visitors) = 20 points
Getting the campaign in any larger media (10.000 to 99.999 visitors) = 200 points
Getting the campaign in any very large media (100.000 and more visitors) = 2.000 points

Trading points with perks is easy, just divide the amount of points by 10 and you see what you can get. For example with 250 points you can get a deluxe edition, with 1.500 points you can get a gold edition (please keep in mind that some perks are only available in limited amounts).
You think the project is awesome but it is not exactly you musical taste? No problem! You can trade your points divided by 10 in a gift coupon which you can use in many online shops. Of course this offer is also for anybody else.

The person with the most points will get a special meet and greet with the band. You can spend one day with us and you decide the activity (as long as it is reasonable).

Also the 5 people with the most points will get a special certificate for being a Fyranian honorary citizen and will be mentioned in the album booklet on a special place.

If you got any questions, ask us.

So what are you still waiting for? Let's go!


Noch zwei Wochen haben wir mit der Kampagne vor uns. Es ist an der Zeit, etwas ganz besonderes zu starten!

Wir wollen euch bei der Verbreitung der Kampagne beteiligen und haben deshalb einen Promotion-Wettbewerb vorbereitet, bei dem ihr tolle Sachen als Belohnung für euren Einsatz bekommen könnt.

Wir haben beschlossen, ein System zu entwerfen, in dem ihr Punkte für verschiedene Aktionen bekommen könnt und diese anschließend gegen Perks eintauschen könnt. Damit ist sichergestellt, dass jede erfolgreiche Aktion auch wertgeschätzt wird.

Wir müssen so viele Leute wie möglich auf die Kampagne bekommen und die sollten auch etwas beitragen. So weit so offensichtlich. Ihr solltet euch zunächst auf Indiegogo registrieren (das könnt ihr ganz einfach mit eurem Facebook-Account, sofern ihr einen habt). Wenn ihr eingeloggt seid und unsere Kampagne besucht, dann bekommt ihr einen besonderen Link, den ihr teilen solltet. Wenn ihr diesen Link verwendet, können wir sehen, wie viele Leute ihr auf die Kampagne gebracht habt und wie viel sie beigetragen haben.

Das hier könnt ihr für eure Aktionen bekommen:

10 Besucher auf die Kampagne gebracht = 1 Punkt
Jeder Euro, der von einem eurer Besucher kommt = 1 Punkt
Ein Bericht über die Kampagne in einem kleineren Medium (bis zu 9.999 Besucher) = 20 Punkte
Ein Bericht über die Kampagne in einem größeren Medium (10.000 bis 99.999 Besucher) = 200 Punkte
Ein Bericht über die Kampagne in einem großen Medium (100.000 und mehr Besucher) = 2.000 Punkte

Punkte gegen Perks einzutauschen ist ganz einfach, teilt die Punktzahl einfach durch 10 und guckt, was ihr dafür kriegen könnt. Für 250 Punkte könnt ihr zum Beispiel die Deluxe-Edition bekommen, für 1.500 Punkte könnt ihr die Gold-Edition erhalten (beachtet bitte, dass einige Perks limitiert sind).
Ihr findet das Projekt großartig, die Musik entspricht aber nicht ganz eurem Geschmack? Kein Problem! In dem Fall könnt ihr alternativ eure Punkte geteilt durch 10 in einen Einkaufsgutschein eintauschen, den ihr dann bei einem von vielen Online-Händlern gegen Ware eintauschen könnt. Das gilt natürlich auch für alle anderen.

Die Person mit den meisten Punkten bekommt ein Meet-and-Greet mit der Band. Ihr habt die Möglichkeit einen ganzen Tag mit der Band zu verbringen und die Aktivität zu wählen (sofern die zumutbar ist).

Auch bekommen die 5 Leute mit den meisten Punkten ein spezielles Zertifikat für eine Fyranische Ehrenbürgerschaft. Auch werdet ihr an einer besonderen Stelle im Booklet des Albums erwähnt.

Wenn ihr noch Fragen habt, fragt uns.

Also worauf wartet ihr noch? Lasst uns loslegen!

Wednesday 8 May 2013


We have underestimated the time we need to prepare what we planned to do today. So we have to postpone it by one day.

Still we'd like to thank two anonymous persons and Fabienne Kirsch for their contributions to our campaign.
Please continue to spread the word.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Another announcement.

Nothing really exciting happened today. Well, at least it rained:

But tomorrow we will start something that has to do with our ongoing campaign, so you should definitely check out the Fyranian Herald tomorrow.

And we have some new pledges. Thank you again, Rafael Lorenz, for another pledge and thank you, Lorenz Becker for pledging for an autograph.