Friday 26 April 2013

Let's make it on page 1!

Hey ho,
we're in again. Thanks to the newest contributors, Thu Giang Vu and Marc Steyer, we are now on page 3 of the active music campaigns. Now we want to go straight to page 1. We need you to do that. Remember that you get a cool extra when you pledge in the next few days. So this is a great opportunity for us all. Let's do it!

PS: Don't forget to like and share our campaign!

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Special offer!

Anybody who pledges at least for an entry in the Fyranian Hall of Fame until 1. May 2013 will get an exclusive preview version as mp3 of a song from the next mini album.

Jeder, der bis zum 1. Mai 2013 mindestens für die Fyranische Ruhmeshalle seine Unterstützung abgibt, erhält eine exklusive MP3-Vorschau-Version eines Liedes vom nächsten Minialbum.

Tuesday 23 April 2013

A question!

We told you what we need. What do you need to support our campaign?

Was wir brauchen, haben wir euch gesagt. Was braucht ihr, um die Kampagne zu unterstützen?

Monday 22 April 2013

Perk check #6: Private concert.

A private concert does not necessarily mean that we play only for you (although it can mean that) but that you will be the presenter of a concert and you can decide where we play. So you can make it an event for you and your friends or you can decide that we should play at a certain location because you'd love to see us playing there. You should keep in mind that it doesn't contain traveling costs which, shouldn't be a problem as long as it is in reasonable distance. If you want us to play far away from where we are, you will certainly have to pay the travel expenses.

Sunday 21 April 2013

New campaign FAQ.


Today our news is that we made a little FAQ with some questions that many of you asked. If you have any more questions you can leave a comment.

We got a pledge from Sebastian for a CD deluxe edition. That's awesome, thank you!

Only 33 days left and we still need a lot of support. So give us what you can spare and get cool stuff in return (we told you in the last days about our awesome perks). Let's make our campaign and the world of Fyra a huge success!


Heute ist unsere Neuigkeit, dass wir eine kleine FAQ erstellt haben, um ein paar Fragen zu beantworten, die viele von euch gestellt haben. Wenn ihr noch mehr Fragen habt, hinterlasst einfach einen Kommentar.

Wir haben einen Pledge von Sebastian bekommen für eine CD-Deluxe-Edition. Das ist großartig, Dankeschön!

Noch 33 Tage und wir brauchen noch viel Unterstützung. Gebt uns, was ihr entbehren könnt und bekommt tolle Sachen dafür (wir haben euch in den vergangen Tagen über unsere großartigen Perks erzählt). Lasst uns unsere Kampagne und die Welt von Fyra zu einem großen Erfolg machen!

Saturday 20 April 2013

Perk check #5: Be a part of the album.

The next two perks let you be a part of the album. For the song Outcast Society we want to make a picture where you can see many people who form this outcast society. You can be one of these people with a pledge of 300 €.

If you want even more, you can even sing with us on the album. You will be a part of the choir of Outcast Society and of course will not only be heard on the album but also featured in the credits. And you get a gold edition of the album. This is your chance to perform on a record.

Friday 19 April 2013

Perk check #4: The gold edition.

This box edition is strictly limited. We won't make more than 250 pieces, so when they're gone, they're gone. The box contains the CD deluxe edition as well as the picture LP Edition but it also contains an extra illustrated booklet with the prose story of Go! to Fyra and when you open the box, you find some other stuff that you only get in this edition. So this box is even far beyond being awesome!

Thursday 18 April 2013

Perk check special edition: Two awesome new perks!

Today we got two new perks for you. The first one is our album on a custom USB flash drive with the writing ‘the world of Fyra’ on it. Maybe this perk is a great idea if our music isn't exactly what you'd like to listen to but still want to support a great idea – you still have that flash drive you can use. This perk is limited to 200 pieces.

And the other one is also great, because you get an autograph card with a personal message just for you from the band members.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Perk check #3: The deluxe picture LP edition.

This 3 LP edition is really awesome because you get three picture discs with a different picture on each side. This makes a total of six pictures on vinyl. So the best thing you can do is to order it three times so you can hang every picture on your wall and have another edition you can listen to. What can be more awesome? Well, maybe something we show you in the next perk checks.

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Perk check #2: The 2 CD deluxe edition.

Let's take a closer look at the 2 CD deluxe edition. You will get a digipack in DVD size with an illustrated booklet with all song lyrics and a picture for each song. On the two CDs you will find our first album which will be a combination of Go! to Fyra and another mini album. There will be two versions of the album, one completely in English and one mixed German and English.
You can already get an impression of the format on this picture:

Monday 15 April 2013

Perk check #1: The Hall of Fame and the ticket.

Hey ho, today we will talk about two of our awesome perks.

The Fyranian Hall of Fame will be a special site on our homepage where everyone who has contributed to the creation of Fyra will be mentioned and hailed to for eternity. Or for at least as long as the homepage exists. But that will be a very long time I guess. Fyra is not some short-time project, it is a work of a lifetime.

And the other perk is the concert ticket that also lasts for as long as Fyra exists. Imagine that you get one now and keep it for some years – Fyra is now famous and their concert tickets cost 100 € or something like that, but you can still use your ticket because you were awesome back then when Fyra needed your support. That's pretty cool, right? So, get your ticket NOW!

Sunday 14 April 2013

Your Fyranian art

If you haven't seen it already, you should really take a look at our DeviantART profile. We are recently uploading some stuff from the making of the Go! to Fyra artwork. For example we have this nice plant which is one of the many plants on the Fyranian coast:

But much more important is the fact that you can contribute your own ideas for Fyranian artwork. We have several tasks there. So pick one and go for it! You can post it in our group which you find here.
There are no restrictions for the style of the pictures. You don't have to make that typical fantasy artwork style. It can even be totally abstract.

Also we'd like to thank some people for their pledges. The name of the author Raol Imling will be rendered homage to in the Fyranian Hall of Fame and Herbert Kolß wants to meet us live in concert. We're really looking forward to it.

Saturday 13 April 2013

A-song-a-day week, day 6: This is Fyra

Welcome to a place
Where you’ve never been before
We take you on a trip
We’ll just go through an imagined door

Can you see the plane?
Can you feel your heart?
Did you lose your pain?
Then we gonna start

This is the world of our fantasy
This is just what we wanna see
This is the sense of my life
This is what I’m really like

Open your eyes and follow me
It’s not just insanity
Breathe with me the freshest air
You can do it everywhere

Hey ho, this is Fyra
And you can be where we are
Hey ho, Fyra’s here
And we would love to have you near

Can this world be reality?
Can this be what we really see?
Can we transfer our lives?
Can we do what we really like?


You wanna be a hero
Or start again by zero
Let your dreams come true
It’s all inside of you

Let all your dreams come true
Fyra is inside of you

Ref. x2

Hey ho, this is Fyra
And we can be where you are
Hey ho, Fyra’s here
And you will love to have us near

So this is the last song on Go! to Fyra and also the last part of the a-song-a-day week.
This song is even harder to play than preamble even though it is not that fast, especially the solo after the first chorus. But this was exactly my intention when I composed this song, to make something where we can prove our skills.

Friday 12 April 2013

A-song-a-day week, day 5: The Fyranian World Anthem

~ Instrumental ~

First it was a ‘Fyranian National Anthem’ and sounded completely different (but it already got the melody from Outcast Society which became the Fyranian Anthem). But the term ‘national’ doesn't make any sense when it comes to Fyra. So we made a World Anthem.

Thursday 11 April 2013

A-song-a-day week, day 4: A-Patter-a-Clop

Desert made of cold sand’s rushing
Birds listen to the death thats crushing
Freezing snow on hottest ground
No sore feet here can be found
No spirits, no life
The district never saw a strife
Tones died away to ruins of droning
Not even a quite silent moaning

Here, there, a tripping, going
Here, there, who stays in the sand knowing?
Here, there, a patter, a clop
On music’s grave who’s there on top?
A rhythm simple, slow, fast, tight
Footsteps sounding dull and bright

And slowly, slowly, tenderly
The sun is rising and wants to see
What this stop-start-musician has conceived
Who doesn’t want to see this rapidly
And gently ring open string tones
Without an instrument they sound rushing, dolce, nice to hear
Wherefrom, nobody knows
Then a chant, with texture for many choirs appears

Here, there, a tripping, going
Here, there, who stays in the sand knowing?
Here, there, a patter, a clop
On music’s grave who’s there on top?
A rhythm simple, slow, fast, tight
Tones are sounding dull and bright

Birds like crows, ravens, sparrows
Carrying black cats, flying up like arrows
And a plain and so bright laughter
Mixed with chants from thousand nations
A drum, a loud crack right thereafter
He’s dancing on the brink of the formations
Isn’t life just so lovely
He gives new courage to this scenery

Here, there, a tripping, going
Here, there, who stays in the grass knowing?
Here, there, a patter, a clop
On music’s grave who’s there on top?
A rhythm simple, slow, fast, tight
Tones are sounding dull and bright

And as he passes by
The wizard, minstrel, retriever
On green meadows the sun shines
Oaks grace the path of this achiever
Birds continue to play his tripping song
A teardrop’s falling as the tramp sees what goes on

This is another one of Tief-Taucher's awesome lyrics. Of course it is a song about a world that gets life through the playing of music. It's just amazing how well Tief-Taucher got the idea behind Fyra and put it into these words.
Composing the music was rather easy with these inspiring lyrics. Of course it had to be something epic, something bombastic, something that sounds like the creation of a new world. It is the slowest Fyra song until now with just 100 BPM (for comparison: the Preamble has 210 BPM).

Wednesday 10 April 2013

A-song-a-day week, day 3: Outcast Society

I walk along
I’m far from home
I am on my own
No company
No one who guides me
So I feel alone

I don’t know where I am
Don’t know how I came here
Suddenly from far away
I hear this tempting melody

I have no choice
I’ve got to go
To where this music’s coming from
First I walk
Then I run
On and on and on

What I see’s
Surprising me
It’s a group of strange looking men
As I get near
Their words get clear
And this is what I hear:

We are the outcast society
We are united people
You only meet us when you’re alone
Let’s be alone together
Leave your loneliness behind
Join us and stay forever
’cause we are the outcast society
We are united people

But where am I?
What is this place?
Is this another world?
Everything here’s so natural
Oh, my head whirls

How does it come
That I am here?
Why did I meet you?
In this place
With so much space
What will we do?

They answered me
Singing the
Adored melody again
And what they sing
Is such a great thing
Just listen to them:

We are the outcast society
We are united people
Together we’ll build this new world
And we call it Fyra
Here you can do whatever you want
If you can settle that with your conscience
We are the outcast society
We are united people

We are the outcast society
We are united people
You only meet us when you’re alone
Let’s be alone together
Leave your loneliness behind
Join us and stay forever
We are the outcast society
We are united people

We are the outcast society
We are united people
Together we’ll build this new world
And we call it Fyra
Here you can do whatever you want
If you can settle that with your conscience
We are the outcast society
We are united people

This is the oldest song from Go! to Fyra. It's from november 2006. It began with the bass line of the chorus. I liked the chord progression and wanted to make an 80s pop song of it. But then I had the idea to give it a Fyranian touch and thought it would be great for meeting the outcast society. The first version had a continuous 4/4 time signature. Later we changed the bridge to 3/4 to make it more interesting and a little bit more progressive (it's still some kinda pop song, I know …).

We'd like to thank some more people. trash5 pledged for a Gold Edition. That's awesome! Thank you! Also thanks to the anonymous people who pledged. Maybe we should create some Fyranian hidden-ID-cards for people who want to hide their identity? The Fyranian Embassy would be the first one to officially support hidden identities.

Monday 8 April 2013

A-song-a-day week, day 1: Preamble (Declaration from the Kaiser)

First of all we'd like to tell you that we have now over 1.000 visits of this blog. That's AWESOME! Thanks to all visitors. Yesterday we had the most visitors ever: 108.

Also a big thank you to Baffy Scorpion for writing an article about Fyra (German only). It is so great when musicians support each other even if they're into completely different genres.

Thank you to all new contributors to our Indiegogo campaign. Even though they want to be anonymous, at least I want to tell them that they are awesome.

We decided that when we reach our goal, every second € that goes beyond the goal will go to the children hospice Sonnenblume in Aachen, Germany. So let's go for it!

Now let's talk about music.
Check out the first song of Go! to Fyra, the Preamble (Declaration from the Kaiser):

Gramps, you must know that my time now has come
You already have everything said and done
Get your old-age pension or just die
But don’t fuck with me, don’t even try
Your gods are just a bunch of wimps
Lying under a sentence of death ever since
I’ve got the blessing of the One above all
So watch out your old world soon will fall

Forget all the princes and kings of metal
Because I am the Kaiser and I win the battle

You were the loudest and proudest and always stayed true
There is really a lot that I have learned from you
I won’t bow down before you, that doesn’t suit you right
No, I will go further, like a parasite
I sucked your blood and transformed it to grow
So now I could destroy you with one single blow
When I hit a string even John P. will die
So don’t fuck with me, don’t even try

Forget all the princes and kings of metal
Because I am the Kaiser and I win the battle

If you want it so bad, Fyra’s ready for war
Before you can even start your first roar
Your land will be destructed, plundered and raped
And all of you will be burnt at the stake
Made of the wood of your so mighty tree
Chopped by the axe called „Kill Instantly“
You wanna die for metal? I tell you, you will
Just try to fuck me and get yourself killed

Forget all the princes and kings of metal
Because I am the Kaiser and I win the battle

I wonder if everyone will find out from which song we got the inspiration for the chorus. If you have a suspicion, please leave a comment.
Any guess who the One above all could be? We are very curious about reading your interpretations.
Some references are easier to guess, like the one with John P.
These lyrics of this song don't have to be taken literally but serious. There is a message in it. But it would lose its fascination if we'd just explain it. So we want your interpretations. Please leave a comment.

Sunday 7 April 2013

What does the Outcast Society stand for? – Part 2

Alright, it's time for the second part. You remember yesterday we talked about the meaning of the two words outcast and society?

Last year some of us had the opportunity to support an event where we collected donations for a children's hospice: Kinderhospizdienst Sonnenblume (German). It was very heart moving to meet these people because their lives are really hard struggles. Those children have very rare and lethal diseases. Their parents don't know how long their children are going to live. It could happen in the next few days or in the next years that they will die. But it is sure that they won't get old. And there is no possible cure. Those families have so much to do caring about the disabled children that they don't have any spare time. And even worse there are many people who avoid them because dying children isn't something they'd like to face. On the one hand that's totally understandable but these families do need support. Much support. You make it even worse when you act as if they don't exist.

Most of the times I am sceptical about charity organisations. For good reasons (maybe I'll explain them later). But this is one that is really worth supporting because these families and the people who support them need to be heard. They need your support!
They are outcasts, so let's give them a warm welcome in the Outcast Society.

I am glad that today there are many movements who don't only care for their own matters but also for other's. Like feminists who also act against racism for example. Suppression has many forms and they all have the same roots. So we should cling together and not compete against each other about who is more affected by discrimination.

Next week will be the a-day-a-song week where we tell you more about the songs of Go! to Fyra.
I know I said that I wanted to introduce the crew first but I changed my mind because they already make a good part of the crowd funding campaign description so I think it is more important now to talk about the content.

Today a thank you in French: Grand merci à Jacotte Bourdon !


Deutsche Version / German version:

Zeit für den zweiten Teil. Du erinnerst Dich sicher, dass wir gestern über die Bedeutung der Wörter Ausgestoßene und Gesellschaft sprachen?

Letztes Jahr hatten einige von uns die Gelegenheit eine Veranstaltung zu unterstützen, bei der wir Spenden für einen Kinderhospizdienst gesammelt haben: Kinderhospizdienst Sonnenblume. Es war sehr bewegend, diese Menschen kennenzulernen, denn ihre Leben sind wirklich ein harter Kampf. Diese Kinder haben sehr seltene und tödliche Krankheiten. Ihre Eltern wissen nicht, wie lange ihre Kinder noch leben werden. Sie könnten in den nächsten Tagen oder in den nächsten Jahren sterben. Eines ist sicher: sie werden nicht alt. Und es gibt keine Heilung. Diese Familien haben so viel damit zu tun, sich um ihre behinderten Kinder zu kümmern, dass sie keine Freizeit haben. Und als ob das nicht genug wäre, werden sie auch noch von anderen Menschen gemieden, weil sterbende Kinder etwas sind, mit dem sich nur wenige auseinander setzen wollen. Einerseits zwar verständlich, andererseits brauchen diese Familien Unterstützung. Viel Unterstützung. Sie zu ignorieren macht es nur noch schlimmer.

Meistens bin ich skeptisch bei karitativen Organisationen. Aus Gründen (die ich vielleicht später mal erkläre). Aber diese ist absolut unterstützenswert, denn diese Familien und die Menschen, die sie betreuen, müssen gehört werden. Sie brauchen eure Unterstützung!
Sie sind Ausgestoßene, also heißen wir sie doch herzlich willkommen in der Outcast Society.

Ich bin froh, dass es heute viele Bewegungen gibt, die nicht nur an ihre eigenen Angelegenheiten denken, sondern auch an die Anderer. Wie zum Beispiel Feminist_innen, die auch gegen Rassismus angehen. Unterdrückung gibt es in sehr vielen Formen und sie alle haben die gleichen Wurzeln. Also sollten wir zusammenarbeiten und uns nicht versuchen darin gegenseitig auszustechen, wer jetzt diskriminierter ist.

Nächste Woche heißt es 1-Tag-1-Lied. Da werden wir euch mehr über die Lieder von Go! to Fyra erzählen. Ich weiß, ich hatte gesagt, dass ich erst das Team vorstellen würde, aber ich habe es mir anders überlegt, da dies bereits einen guten Teil der Crowdfunding-Kampagnenbeschreibung ausmacht, also sollte es jetzt mehr um den Inhalt gehen.

Heute ein Dankeschön auf Französisch: Grand merci à Jacotte Bourdon !

Saturday 6 April 2013

What does the Outcast Society stand for? – Part 1

Yesterday we announced that we want to talk about the social or political aspects of the World of Fyra. It is best described by explaining the idea behind the Outcast Society (which is the title of one of our great songs on Go! to Fyra – if you haven't checked it out yet, do it now by clicking here).

First let's have a look on the meaning of both words.

Who is an outcast? – An outcast is somebody who has been cast out from something. This can happen for many reasons. There are good reasons like for example when smaller groups of marginalised people cast out people who represent suppressive structures and opinions. But most of the times exactly these marginalised people are those who are cast out by the mainstream. This can happen for many reasons; some are obvious because these people have socially constructed group names like black people, women, homosexuals and many more who already have grouped to stand up for their rights. Then there are those who also have common names but not such a strong community like children or autists for example. Few people think about children as suppressed people, most think about them as children and their marginalisation as normal (of course many people think the same about the first mentioned groups too). And then there are also those who don't even have a name to identify them. Without a name it is even harder to find a group where you are able to emancipate together with other people.
Well, these were really just a few examples. There are so many more, no list would ever be complete.

Now the society comes in. A society is not just a group of people but a group of groups of people and individualists. I think this point is really clear.

The idea of the Outcast Society is a society where all marginalised people get together to get rid of suppressive mainstream culture. It just doesn't matter how you want to live, if you prefer romantic relationships with one person or if you prefer any other kind of relationship like for example when your band is your true family and relationship. It doesn't matter how you look like and what interests you have. You are precious and you should have a voice.

Tomorrow we will give you an example of an event some of us have already supported which is a good example.
But if this appeals to you, you are a great example too.

Now it's time to say thank you to two new supporters! Rafael Lorenz and Jumping James gave their pledges to our crowd funding campaign. You are awesome!
Also we'd like to thank all those great people who already have spread the word for us. Together, let's make the World of Fyra possible!


Deutsche Version / German version:

Gestern haben wir angekündigt, dass wir über den sozialen/politischen Aspekt von Fyra sprechen würden. Am besten lässt er sich anhand der Idee der Outcast Society beschreiben (was auch der Titel eines unserer großartigen Lieder auf Go! to Fyra ist – falls Du es noch nicht gehört hast, klicke hier und hole es nach).

Lasst uns zunächst beide Wörter einmal betrachten.

Wer ist ein Ausgestoßener (outcast)? Ein Ausgestoßener ist jemand, der von irgendetwas ausgeschlossen wurde. Dies kann aus vielen Gründen geschehen. Manchmal gibt es gute Gründe, zum Beispiel, wenn eine Gruppe von marginalisierten Leuten andere ausschließt, die unterdrückende Strukturen und Ansichten vertreten. Aber viel häufiger sind es die marginalisierten Personen, die von einer Mehrheit ausgeschlossen werden. Auch dies kann aus vielen Gründen passieren, manche sind offensichtlich, wenn die Leute sozial konstruierte Gruppenbezeichnungen wie Schwarze, Frauen, Homosexuelle o.ä. haben, die sich auch oft gruppieren um für ihre Rechte einzustehen. Dann gibt es die, die nicht so oft als marginalisierte Gruppe gedacht werden und keine so starke Lobby haben wie zum Beispiel Kinder oder Autisten. Die meisten Leute denken Kinder als Kinder und ihre Marginalisierung kommt ihnen normal vor (wobei das natürlich bei den vorher genannten Gruppen auch oft vorkommt). Und dann gibt es noch die, die nicht mal einen Namen haben, mit dem sie identifiziert werden. Für sie ist es umso schwieriger eine Gruppe zu finden, mit der sie sich gemeinsam emanzipieren können.
Dies waren nur einige Beispiele. Keine Liste könnte jemals vollständig sein.

Jetzt kommt die Gesellschaft (society) ins Spiel. Eine Gesellschaft ist nicht nur eine Gruppe von Leuten, sondern eine Gruppe von Gruppen von Leuten und Individualisten.

Die Idee der Outcast Society ist eine Gesellschaft, in der alle marginalisierten Leute zusammenkommen um die unterdrückende Mehrheitskultur loszuwerden. Es spielt keine Rolle, wie Du lebst, ob Du eine romantische Zweierbeziehung bevorzugst oder andere Formen des Zusammenlebens und Deine Band zum Beispiel deine wahre Familie und Beziehung ist. Es spielt keine Rolle, wie Du aussiehst und welche Interessen Du hast. Du bist wertvoll und Deine Stimme sollte gehört werden.

Morgen geben wir euch ein Beispiel von einer Veranstaltung, die ein paar von uns bereits unterstützt haben, die ein wirklich gutes Beispiel abgibt.
Aber wenn dies Dich anspricht, bist Du natürlich auch ein großartiges Beispiel.

Jetzt ist es an der Zeit, Dankeschön zu sagen an zwei neue Unterstützer! Rafael Lorenz und Jumping James haben einen Beitrag zu unserer Crowdfunding-Kampagne geleistet. Ihr seid großartig!
Wir danken auch allen, die bisher dabei geholfen haben, unsere Kampagne zu verbreiten. Lasst uns gemeinsam die Welt von Fyra möglich machen!

Friday 5 April 2013

Excitement …

Running a crowd funding campaign is exciting. It is really a lot of work to tell everybody about it but it is a great opportunity to get in touch with lots of great people.
We already have a lot of positive response and that's great. We are really confident that we can do it together with all of you awesome people.

Did you know that you can follow our campaign? You should really do it because you can get all updates and stuff. To follow the campaign, you only have to get a perk, make a contribution without a perk (even just 1 € helps) or just click on the follow-button just below the video.
Your activity on the campaign is also appreciated. Just leave a comment and/or share it.

It's time again to say thank you to all of you who already contributed to, shared, and responded to our campaign. It is so great to see that you like what we are doing.

Fyra is not just entertainment, Fyra has a deeper social or political message. Not in the sense that we are supporting a political party or whatever. But in the sense that we take topics from this world and try to ask the right questions to be able to give really good answers. Over the weekend we want to tell you more about it. We are going to discuss the concept of the Outcast Society.

Thursday 4 April 2013

Something about free digital downloads.

When you look at the perks on our Indiegogo-Campaign, you may find something missing. Most music campaigns offer digital music downloads for a certain amount of money. We don't do that for one simple reason: digital downloads of the music of Fyra are free and will always be free.

To us the importance of a fan has nothing to do with how much money they got. There are so many equally important ways to participate. Everyone who likes our music and our message can call themselves a true Fyranian. In any way there will be free downloads of our music, if we don't offer it, someone else would do. But like this, we are able to be in a direct relationship with every fan.

There is a German ‘musician’ whose name I won't mention but whom I once liked a lot. I read an interview with him where he said something like: ‘If after a concert a fan would come to me and say “oh, I love your music, I downloaded all your albums on some file sharing platform”, I would punch him in the face.’ WTF? I now totally regret that I bought some of his records and went to a concert. When people download your records and like them so much that they come to your concert then that's an awesome thing. I'm so sorry that this ‘musician’ has not been punched in the face for thinking about his fans like this.

To those who are able to spend their money on music: you can really help us with supporting our campaign.

We really appreciate every contribution.

Yesterday, shortly after launching our campaign, Markus Bonsmann already pledged 50 €. Thank you so much. You, Markus Bonsmann, are AWESOME!
Your support for and belief in the project shows us, that we are doing totally the right thing. This gives us the motivation to go on and do great stuff.

Wednesday 3 April 2013

The World of Fyra on Indiegogo – NOW!

Hey ho!

It's done. Our campaign is ready to get funded. Check it out on Indiegogo.
This is our chance to make a dream come true and your chance to support it and be a part of the project.
Thank you very much for your support!

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Calm before the storm.

As expected nothing really interesting happened in the last two days during our break. Today we are going to work on the vocal arrangements. I really love harmonic vocals – it is much more interesting than just one lead singer especially when there are different people with different voices who sing.

We are also going to make the last preparations for the crowd funding campaign.

So that’s why we chose the title ‘[c]alm before the storm’ for today. Well, it's not really that calm inside of me. In fact I'm (I guess we all are) of course totally excited about what will come.