The Fyranian Herald is the official blog of Fyra.

Fyra is a music project that has been created already in 2005 by Myrddin Triguel but took some years to develop.
What makes Fyra special is that Fyra is a fantasy world from which we tell stories through our music. So it is much more than just a music project. And you have the possibility to be a part of Fyra for you can contribute your own stories, artwork or whatever you like of Fyra.

We want to make this year – 2013 – the year of Fyra’s breakthrough and we have planned a lot of stuff to make this possible. You can contribute in many ways. First of all you can subscribe to our blog, download a free mini album from the ÜMF store (you don’t need to provide any payment informations)  and get in touch with us (like posting comments in our blogposts or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Youtube).

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